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localcraftsters's Journal

local craftsters | made in Singapore
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if you are from Singapore and at least one of the following statements describe you, join us!
♥ i love to sew
♥ i love to crochet
♥ i love to paint
♥ i love drawing
♥ i love designing
♥ i love diy
♥ i love making jewellery
♥ i love to make stuff with my own hands

post and share the stuff you made here!

photos of your crafts may be uploaded to http://www.flickr.com/groups/localcraftsters/ if you have a flickr account. please use the "Small" photo size when blogging.

just a couple of rules to keep things in check
keep your photos to 240 x 180 pixels, bigger photos to be placed under an lj-cut
strictly no advertising or shameless plugging